elcome curios one.

        If you are here, you must be special. You have found yourself behind the curtain. Here you will have access to our development progress and see updates from The Lost Botanist.

The Lost Botanist is a VR puzzle adventure in which you, a young Botanist, are tasked to research a spell-woven book of forgotten myths. But by reading it you find yourself transported to realm between pages in the shrouded world of Under-Garden.

Explore the mythical world of The UnderGarden as you interact with its unique fauna and flora.

Interact with magical creatures on your journey

We are currently in fundraising phase.

If you are interested in supporting this project, please contact us below. 

nlock the secrets of 

The Bookof Memories,

a mysterious book that summoned you to The Forgotten.  


"I got lost, but look what I found" 

- Irving Berlin

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